PDWare Portfolio Application Overview

PDWare Portfolio IS:

The purpose of this application is to help the organization define and manage an achievable portfolio of projects.

It does this by         

capturing and analyzing what resource managers know about the deployment of their resources

capturing and analyzing what project managers know about the status and critical parameters of their projects

providing views and reports to the management team showing problem areas for discussion and resolution.

Characteristics of the application:

Identifies portfolio resource and balance issues

Stimulates discussion of exceptions among project managers, resource managers, and portfolio/pipeline managers.

Low overhead method for resource managers to plan the deployment of their resources

Simple rollup of resource deployment plans

Captures history (baseline, forecasts, actual) for analysis and improvement

Uses resource allocation by priority to highlight portfolio planning problems

Uses baseline (contract) versus resource forecast (staffing plan) to highlight execution problems

PDWare Portfolio IS NOT:

Not about detailed project planning and execution

Not automated resource leveling (allocation is NOT leveling).

The PDWare Portfolio application highlights resource contention problems in the portfolio and provides methods for examining alternative solutions.

PDWare Portfolio allocation does NOT produce a recommended solution to resource contention problems.